1. Work flow throwback

  2. Mylilredd throwback filter

  3. Minty

  4. Throwback bathroom shot

  5. Throwback thursday

  6. Kisses n sleepy time

  7. Hanging out

  8. Wcw


  9. j-frankson asked: Your tattoos are wicked good the placements are perfect and if that's what your work days look like, working with you would be awesome... just sayin



  10. sexcaviar asked: Thanks for following back!!!!!

    Thank you for enjoyin!

  11. Going for it


  12. Anonymous asked: You have the greatest smile, straightest nice white teeth and a body like no other

    Thank you. I love smiling!


  13. Anonymous asked: y don't u take all your clothes when u take a pic

    Because taking nude pics is not the point.


  14. rencharoundandrenchitoff asked: So what's up, do you work out or are you just a natural knockout?

    I need to get my ass in the gym!


  15. soccer-playa711 asked: Hey thanks for the follow! I enjoy your posts. They make work difficult haha. Would you mind submitting to my blog?

    Please feel free to blog anything to your own page.

    Enjoy and GET TO WORK.. or should I say #worknplay